Enter the maze

Why computer science?

Students in the Augmented Human Interaction Lab.

You can do things that can't be done in reality ... anything is possible. - Ossama

It was my hobby and I was heavily into gaming. - Lukasz

Programmers work programmers' hours ... whatever you want them to be. - Tim

It's fun writing software that you then see other people using. - Andrew

It's just fun and imagination ... you can make things that never existed before. - Nick

...to grow intellectually and to have loads of fun at the same time. - Naresh

...the diversity. It doesn't close any doors. - Hayley

When leaving college I was sure of one thing, I loved all things computer science. - Adam

The Maze

The maze

Through a door to the left is a room full of computers displaying noughts and crosses games.

The maze

On a shelf is a ring. It draws you towards it.